Public Health & Planning – Attractive Stairs

I found this interesting article on NPR today noting the positive help benefits of using stairs. It tied in well with this other NPR article posted today noting how obesity in America is largely due to inactivity versus eating too much. I continue to be inspired by the countless examples of urban planning’s ability to be a powerful tool for improving the health and well-being of our communities.

What I love about encouraging the use of stairs is not only the positive health benefits but also the potential to add more public art to the built environment. Increasing visual interest will make people want to take the stairs instead.

Here are a few inspiring steps from around the world.

Read the full article here

Spanish style tiled steps in Santa Barbara, California.

“Endless Stair” in Munich. There is no practical purpose to these ones.

Famous “Escadaria Selarón” steps in Rio de Janeiro.

Also, check out this great video .

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