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Can we talk about Guardians of the Galaxy for a Minute?

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I went to an opening night showing of Guardians of the Galaxy at a local theater. And, well, I went and saw it again in DBOX (for those of you who don’t know what D-BOX is, click here). I liked it that much.

I’m happy to see almost everyone else who has seen the movie loving it that much too. A.V. Club just posted this funny article about the popular soundtrack.

I never grew up reading comic books but have thoroughly enjoyed all of the Marvel films (as well as the Batman trilogy), seeing most of them multiple times. The boyfriend though did grow up reading comic books and is well versed. After every movie we watch he is usually flooded with a flurry of questions because of this.

I think Guardians is on par with the Avengers for being the most fun of the Marvel movies. It is so funny, the characters are incredibly lovable, packed with adventure, and of course, baby Groot (please see the movie so you understand this). Also, one of my favorite opening scenes of any movie I have watched. AND, can’t forget the perfectly timed classic pop songs.

Because of my recent love for this film, I thought I would share some of the art work inspired by the original comics and movie (most of it curated by the boyfriend himself):



guardians_of_the_galaxy_by_knockmesilly-d61vxtv (1)

GuardiansOfTheGalaxyAlexRossCMYK-481af (1)



*I don’t have all the original links to the images/artists but will update it if I find them.

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