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When Suburban Churches Look… Suburban

I saw this interesting article posted this morning on, “Why Contemporary Protestant Church Architecture is so Poor” on The Urbanophile’s blog.

The author posted an article by Duncan Stroik, a professor of architecture of Notre Dame, that discusses his theory of why protestant churches put less effort into the design and architecture of their places of worship comparing it to cities in Europe and catholic and orthodox churches. The full article can be read here.

While the planner in me loves good design, aesthetically beautiful architecture, and visual appeal, I tend to lean more on the ‘church can be anywhere’ side of things. Jesus participated in church in temples, homes, and outdoors.

So while I don’t necessarily agree with the author’s closing words,

“That call is to glorify God in all that we do, not just through special spiritual practices. I hope that we Protestants will rediscover how to glorify Him in our buildings, recognizing them as an integral part of our worship. Let us do that without neglecting to glorify Him in our hearts, actions, and every other aspect of life as well.”

I think he brings up a lot of interesting points throughout about cultural and spiritual practices that influenced the protestant church.

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